I Had Genital Warts 5 Years Ago, All Cleared Up Yrs Ago, Now Im Pregnant, Will This Cause Any Problem?

Posted in Uncategorized on Feb 22, 2010

is the hpv all gone from my system?

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6 to “I Had Genital Warts 5 Years Ago, All Cleared Up Yrs Ago, Now Im Pregnant, Will This Cause Any Problem?”

  1. AlS says:

    If you haven’t shared your past HPV condition information with him/her, please do so, like, yesterday. God forbid that you have an outbreak. Pregancy brings many hormonal changes possibly bringing the warts about. The virus can be transmitted to your child. Your obstetrician can answer this question for you, and address any and all concerns you may have. Remember, it’s not about you now, it’s about you and your child. So get with the program and call your Dr.

  2. Anna J says:

    No…its never all gone… it is a virus… however it can go dormant in your body and you may not get any symptoms… but you still need to tell your doctor.. because those sneaky things like to come out when you are stressed and your body is out of whack (i.e. being pregnant)…so let your obgyn know… but i wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  3. Shouldn’t you be telling this to your dooctor?

  4. Jen says:

    You can never really tell. It is something that can go dormant and come back years later. If you have had no signs, and have had all normal paps, you should be ok. I would mention it to your doc though just to make sure! Good luck.

  5. says:

    It shouldnt be a problem. Usually women BREAK OUT when they are pregnant because that’s when their immune system goes crazy. Depending on your doctor, is it that he/she will determine if they should remove the warts. Most doctors wont remove them because they say after birth they will go away… they will remove them if they are too big in the birth cannal for 2 reasons… One b/c when the baby comes out they will bleed severly and/or they might be too big and baby cant come out. They will remove them or you will have a c-section. Will it affect the baby? it is RARE for the mothers to pass it down to the baby.

  6. christina t says:


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