What Are The Chances Of Getting Hpv If You Have Unprotected Sex With An Infected Person?

Posted in Uncategorized on Mar 01, 2010

I had sex once with a girl who had HPV about a month ago.

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5 to “What Are The Chances Of Getting Hpv If You Have Unprotected Sex With An Infected Person?”

  1. norton g says:

    Your chances of getting HPV from an infected partner with unprotected sex are very high. Though you may become a carrier without any symptoms, you will then be able to spread it to any of your sexual partners with the greater future damage to any females to develop cancer of the cervix of the uterus. Get tested in the near future. There is a new vaccine out to prevent both sexes from getting the virus, like a vaccination. There is also treatment.

  2. You would have to get tested for HPV with your doctor. We (Yahoo) can’t certainly guess the probability, but the idea you KNOW for a fact that a girl you had unprotected sex had HPV, I suggest you go to the doctor and get tested. Not to scare you, but there are 40 different types of HPV that is why it is important for females to get HPV shots to prevent for getting most HPV that causes cervical cancer in women. As far as men, I am not for sure that is why I think you should go to the doctor! (For us women, it is a yearly check up we have to do, you as a male, I think you should not think twice and speak to your doctor)

  3. mickymic says:

    HPV virus may stay in the body for 2-8months after the intercourse, before showing any wart. Currently u can only check with doctor, but different people different story, someone may HPV positive the rest of his life without warts sympton the rest of his life. It’s depend on individual body condition. without any protection, i would say u have a huge chance of HPV positive now. the warts pop out when the immune system’s low. take enough rest, maintain a good health, excisise, may postpone the warts coming out.even when they r poping out, u still can use wartec and aldara to kill them,and keep them coming back, not a big deal. just that before everything ascertain, u b worry a bit.that ‘s all, not a big deal though ! I hate to remain, but HPV human papilloma virus. HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

  4. You have a HUGE chance of having HPV! It’s extremely contagious!

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