If the doctor makes you get a colposcopy does this mean you definitely have HPV?

Posted in Uncategorized on Apr 05, 2010

They never actually told me i had HPV but everyone keeps saying that HPV is the cause of cervical cancer, etc.
The only thing my doctor said is I had stage one something.

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4 to “If the doctor makes you get a colposcopy does this mean you definitely have HPV?”

  1. court says:

    If they told you that you are in stage one…yes I’m sorry you have it,but the good news is sounds like they caught it early.Once it is detected they will have you do a pap every few months to make sure it goes away.Things you can do to help”take a b vitamin,DONT smoke,exercise…overall just try and stay healthy.Good Luck!

  2. Frustrated says:

    No, it just means that your age group is at risk. It could also be because of a family history with cancer.

  3. internits says:

    Stage one is a bit further on than HPV. Ask the doctor again what you have. Don’t be scared, I had (I think) the same thing a few years back and I’m OK.

  4. Well, it depends. If your doctor did an HPV test along with your Pap, and it was positive, then yes, you have HPV. However, if your doctor just did a Pap, and it was inconclusive or abnormal, then you probably have HPV, but perhaps not. That’s because a Pap cannot detect HPV directly; it can only look for signs of abnormal cells caused by HPV. Sometimes, a Pap may look abnormal, when your cells are actually fine. The opposite can be true as well. (In fact, one third of all cervical cancers are diagnosed in women whose Paps looked normal. That’s why the HPV test is needed as well. Experts recommend that women age 30+ get the HPV test routinely along with their Pap. Younger women should be tested for HPV if their Pap appears questionable.)

    The colposcopy exam will tell your doctor more definitively whether abnormal cells exist and if so, whether they need to be removed to prevent them from becoming cancerous (if they are not already). Often, a biopsy is performed along with the colposcopy. The good news is that if you have “CIN 1″ (which is probably what your doctor was referring to), that means you have very mild abnormalities that — in the vast majority of cases — resolve on their own without treatment. On the other hand, ,you should also keep in mind that colposcopy is not foolproof. That’s because some abnormal cells may be very hard to see (or to collect for a biopsy). Thus, even if your colposcopy results look OK, you should have a repeat HPV test 12 months later just to be sure.

    I hope this helps.

    Pam, from theHPVtest.com

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