How long can I be an HPV carrier and not know it?

Posted in Uncategorized on Apr 13, 2010

I’ve had 1 partner for the last 20 years with no signs of HPV. I have been her only partner. She now has HPV and I’m sure I am the carrier (if that’s possible). She is under a lot of stress and her immune system is weakened due to the stress levels. Could it just now be showing up after all these years or is it possible I recently contracted it without knowing it. it is categorized as CA1 type but I’m not sure what that is in regard to severity.

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4 to “How long can I be an HPV carrier and not know it?”

  1. lollipop007 says:

    there has been no test developed yet that determines the disease in males.

  2. Barbra says:

    What does the doctor say?

  3. Heres the lowdown on HPV. First there are many many subtypes of HPV. Second, once the virus is in the body, it stays there forever. Though it may stay dormant to you it will pass on to another person through a mucus membrance, saliva, etc…And that other person could have signs as early as 4 weeks to never having a breakout. Its a craps shoot. Also, being around others who have active HPV will kinda jumpstart your body to making the virus active. Also, despite what others may say, stress does play a huge roll in HPV outbreaks. Drugs will help kill the virus at the outbreak location. Basically, your body will not react enough to the outbreak (which is why it shows as a wart, red spot, flesh colored) and needs to be coaxed to killing the virus by drugs or creams. Don’t be embarassed about getting medical help; HPV is the number one transmitted sexual disease in the world.

  4. Tarkarri says:

    75% of sexually active adult will have HPV at some stage during their life.

    A woman can have it and not know until she has an abnormal pap smear.

    She can clear the virus from her body after an abnormal smear.

    It is thought that many men are asymptomatic carriers.

    Genital Warts
    agent: Human papilloma virus (HPV)
    over 1 million persons infected/year
    spread by sexual contact with affected individual (even after treatment)

    either asymptomatic or flat lesions may be present
    newborns may be infected during birth
    associated with cancers of the cervix

    no cure for HPV
    removed by surgery, freezing, acid application, laser burning
    may recur

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