How can you catch genital herpes?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 15, 2010

Is it possible to catch genital herpes from sharing a razor when using it on the bikini area? I have found answers about usuing a towel that someone has used with herpes , most answers said no as the virus cannot live outside the body for long at all. Is it the same for a razor? If someone has herpes that used a razor on their bikini area, and then you used it several hours later, is it possible to catch it this way?

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7 to “How can you catch genital herpes?”

  1. Herpes is almost always spread through skin-to-skin contact. The virus dies quickly away from the human body.

    It is NOT spread through towels, unless the infected person were to rub the towel directly on their sore, and then immediately had it to the other person, who rubbed it on their genitals.

    There is likely even LESS of a chance with razors because most people use soap or shaving cream when they shave, which would almost certainly kill the virus. If your partner has herpes, then I would avoid shaving them during an outbreak and then IMMEDIATELY using the same razor to shave yourself. But after several hours, the virus would be dead.

  2. LINDSEY S says:

    Unless you used it with in seconds of some one with genital herpes using it then there is no chance of you contracting genital herpes this way. They are right, herpes doesn’t live for more then seconds when it’s away from the body or on objects. It doesn’t stick around for hours on things like razors, towels, even toilet seats.
    You would be more likely to get genital herpes if you had oral sex with some one that has cold sores (which are caused by oral herpes and contagious), or by having regular sex with some one that has genital herpes.

  3. me =) says:

    No it would not be possible! I asked my doctor the same exact question. My boyfriend has oral herpes and blamed it on using his fathers razor when he was younger..

    Now i have genital herpes (from oral sex) and have asked my doctor many questions regarding the issue. The herpes virus cannot be spread via razors, towels, clothing, toilet seats. The virus is spread through direct skin to skin contact. Outside the body the virus dies quickly making it nearly impossible for you to catch it from a razor or towel.

    Good luck! i hope you dont have the virus but if you do feel free to email me with any further questions i would love to help you out.

  4. Dear concerned:

    Herpes is not a death sentence.

    You catch it when you kiss, have body contact with infected person, body fluid contact to your own skin (sex), sweat and being a human. 97% of all americans is believed to be hsv1 positive carriers. 25% is thought to be herpes 2, genital herpes carriers.

    How can you protect yourself? Don’t share anything that would touch your body with anyone (including your family members) and avoid eating at places that do not employ the use of high heat to kill viruses and bacterias on plates and pans.

    Get tested, blood test for herpes 1 and herpes 2. Heck, get tested for all stds to find out if you are carrying anything. Get all your partners tested before having sex. So you don’t have to worry shitless for years after your questionable encounter.

    Try not to test your life with time and razors. :)

    Best wishes

  5. lisa b says:

    I wouldn’t even use someone else’s razor, that is grose. That to me is like using someone’s tooth brush. I would say you increase your chances of catching anything, including HIV. Don’t risk it.

  6. Cris says:

    you can catch it if you use a infected persons razor. you better get checked at the hospital, just to be safe.

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