Use a banana peel to remove warts? Surprising home remedies

Posted in Warts on Jul 25, 2012

The simple and natural ways to cure our aliments.
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48 to “Use a banana peel to remove warts? Surprising home remedies”

  1. ESOtjoho says:

    This worked for me, have had a plantar wart (ew…) under my foot for 6 YEARS. Tried the method, and after some days I could scrape it off, though it grew back. But after a few weeks it diminished, and now there’s only a little scar left! Yay! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  2. RVlievable says:

    Doc is wearing a WIG!!!!!

  3. Sifer2 says:

    Banana peel, Garlic, duct tape. It’s all useless. Go to dermatologist an have them cut it off if its a small one. Don’t let them use the liquid nitrogen that just spreads it.

  4. mssunnify223 says:

    Basically it is to make known that coffee or onions help when someone has an asthma attack, so that people know what to get to help the person suffering. :)

  5. fonjadidi says:

    Obviously you haven’t tried duct tape…

  6. Does the banna peel thing really work for warts?

  7. so when i wash my hands leave the tape on until the tape starts coming off by itself then replace it with a new tape.

  8. NickizTa says:

    …my finger got so pale only the red spot where I cut the wart is not white.. i think the wart died because its blood supply was cut off or the lack of exposure to air.. i really don’t know but it worked for me.. hope this helps you.. i know how irritating those fucking warts can get..

  9. NickizTa says:

    well, what i did was more like suffocate the wart till it dies.. here’s the story, i got so irritated one day so I got me a nail clipper and started clipping the hell out of it.. until it got deep enough and it hurts with a little blood oozing out.. after that, I used band-aid (is that what it’s called?) then after 2 days, I just wrap it up with tape cause I forgot to buy band-aid.. (I didn’t know it would solve my prob) and if it helps, i tighten it to the point where…

  10. hey i am also using ductape, i got a question, i have a wart on my finger and my foot, right now i put ductape then a bandage over it, and i am trying to leave it there for 6 days, but will water effect this process, since i do wash my hands and feet. thanks in advance:)

  11. NickizTa says:

    duct tape really works.. i discover this by myself accidentally.. when i was in highschool, i had a wart on my left hand - middle finger.. it irritates me a lot cause whenever i play guitar, i keep on noticing it getting bigger and bigger.. so i used a nail clipper, cut it off, then wrap it up with tape.. leave it all day.. (i even slept with it) then eventually, you will notice it to turn pale in color.. after a while, it will soon die and be gone forever.. (this is for finger wart)


  13. jeric0777 says:

    The less ripe the banana, the better because the peel is thicker and has more of the enzymes needed to break down the wart.

  14. weezybabii97 says:

    do the bananas need to be ripe

  15. why not OLIVE OIL??? since BABY OIL has fragrance and alcohol??

  16. 22univa says:

    For the banana trick….is this also applicable for plantar warts under the feet?

  17. No dummy, you ask for a cup of hot coffee….

  18. supermorshu says:

    I need to try it.

  19. SuperFunbuns says:

    Now I know why most smokers love coffee so much. Helps open their lungs a bit.

  20. 11EatMe11 says:

    Shit i forgot my inhaler!
    *pulls out cup of coffee from pocket*

  21. Press 8

  22. Carly Moore says:

    how do u get plantar warts

  23. i have the same on the same spot!! but jut a really small one, i once stepped on a little rock in the garden without wearing shoes. how did this happened to you? will mine become a BIG one?

  24. SaberDokmak says:

    Thank you so much for this vlog! U rly saved me alot of time and money :)

  25. why to be tested ???

  26. ashlynjoslyn says:

    Oh god just got mine cut out it hurt…/:

  27. I found an amassingly effektiv treatment for these things. Cut the top of them and color them with a black marker, this stops the light coming to them, which is like taking the light from a plant and they die within a couple of weeks. I have done this many times now and it really works.

  28. venomsaad says:

    does laser surgery hurt? while removing a wart?

  29. i kinda wanted to see it being removed..

  30. jmmastan says:

    how does that thing grow on there and why did it

  31. hah, I have a Plantar’s wart on the bottom of my foot… a homemade remedy is helping it heal.

  32. Pretzal666 says:

    heres an idea next time instead of appying cider, drink it lol

  33. it looks like a castle

  34. Where can I order plantar wart virus so I can plant them on my feet?

  35. Feber2001 says:

    Hahahah I can’t believe to find that joke on a video like this.. XD

  36. bronson396 says:

    i had genitle warts but then i tok an arrow to the knee

  37. @askinalexandriaFTW94 …1

  38. melbelv says:

    hey man, thanks for talking about it.ive had mine a while and found some on my two year old feet. his went away after a few weeks, had mine over a year

  39. EvilMaxWar says:

    Look uploaded videos in my profile to see how i took care of mine, no need to butcher you foot!

  40. marniea68 says:

    thats just disgusting why would do a video like that :(

  41. kennyJRT says:

    I have my first plantar wart. I still have it. been almost 5 months now…At first I thought it was a blister, but then it started to grow and starting to hurt like crazy every time i walked or stepped on it. My doctor gave me that sylaic acid stuff and its working great! I’m not in pain anymore. hopefully if I keep scruffing off the dead wart and applying the acid it will go away..eventually.

  42. XrotarebiL says:

    Yeah, it’s always best to seek a second opinion. When Doctors start talking about repeated visits just for observation, I just walk. Better out than in. Good video for people that suffer this stuff. I can’t believe they would hesitate before suggesting cutting it out.

  43. 1959leonardo says:

    hope it´s get better…

  44. Its feeling much better man Thanks :)

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