Plantar wart removal by burning – How to remove a plantar wart.

Posted in Warts Genital on Aug 14, 2012

PLEASE READ!! How i finally got rid of my plantar wart. *** Disclaimer : This technique is absolutely NOT recommended by any doctor, in fact they will urge you to NOT do it. Risks can be burning, scarring, infections, house fires and i don’t know what else. You do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for any harm you do to yourself or your property trying this technique. Ok so now that this part is done i will tell you more. Do you have a big plantar wart that will not go away no matter what? Are you really fed up and angry that nothing seems to work? You don’t want to give up but do not know what to try next ? Read on, I had this Huge Painful Plantar wart that would not go away. I had it Frozen 3 times by the Doc. I tried about all the OTC products and followed the instructions. Almost a hundred bucks of crap that did not do anything to it. I also tried the duct tape but it kept slipping away in my shoe and i did not feel like messing with that hassle for months. I personally have very thick skin under my feet, that might explain why conventional treatments all failed. I got so angry with the wart i decided to try my own radical treatment. This was not meant to be a tutorial video. I filmed it not yet knowing if it would work so its not narrated or professionally done, i just grabbed my point and shoot and filmed this. I had already done it a couple times when i filmed. I repeated that operation at least a dozen times and only filmed it once. It ended up working
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25 to “Plantar wart removal by burning – How to remove a plantar wart.”

  1. DemonLDR says:

    Did this a few years back, and it worked well.

  2. RFKFANTS67 says:

    I did the exact method to a wart on my hand, it never came back:} Beats waiting for two months to get in to see the Dr.

  3. funniest thing ive seen in a while, thx for the laugh lol

  4. i’d definitely try it though the hair on my nape stood just thinking about it. thanks!

  5. EvilMaxWar says:

    Believe me, the nail is as sterile as it gets when its ready to be applied XD.
    I usually cleaned my foot BEFORE the treatment, starting by removing excess wart material and dead skin with an exacto knife then giving a light wash with a damp cloth.
    I did not apply anything after the treatment as light burning is usually a “clean wound”.

  6. hey dude i got that one too, and already considered that treatment. however, i got a few questions: what did you apply to prevent infection? can i put some gauze after? i mean did ya have to wash the nail or disinfect it or didn’t have to since you blew it with the torch? sorry i got lotsa questions. please PM me if you can? i’d appreciate it, thanks!

  7. Me and my friends did it all ghetto and burned the shit out of my elbow

  8. Dee Faze says:

    UR CRAZY!!!!

  9. jfkx007 says:

    Ow! That not only had to Hurt, but the smell had to be rude.

  10. jax467 says:

    did that hurt?

  11. EvilMaxWar says:

    Sadly I no longer have a wart to try it on. If you do try it, plz post it on youtube!

  12. lyssaScruz says:

    why not aim the flame directly to the wart? that will more exciting:D

  13. TheDarian55 says:

    I have the same wart on the same place XD

  14. lauriem1967 says:

    Wow, you’re brave, I’m gonna mention this to my friend. Maybe she will try it, thanks.

  15. Om3gaman92 says:

    haha I froze mine off with dust off never came back

  16. TcMprodigy says:

    I have a varruca and i tried lazer removal and hasn’t worked

  17. its like the hydra you got to cut the head off and burn it

  18. EvilMaxWar says:

    Somewhat like burned hair.

  19. mrmattson says:

    What did it smell like? lol

  20. EvilMaxWar says:

    Well, i did not think it was too bad :p But more importantly, it removes warts!

  21. Nintendo836 says:

    Liar, it hurts like HECK! I even tried it!

  22. oh and I have a freezing kit that i no longer use! If you want to take 6 months to get rid of a wart, buy that shit. lol its gaaaaaaaabage! Fire wins this one. See you next time.

  23. oh and I have a freezing kit that i no longer use! If you want to take 6 months to get rid of a wart, buy that shit. lol its gaaaaaaaabage! Fire wins this one. See you next time.

  24. make sure to eat allot of organic fruits and veges! you need those amino acids to heal the hole where the plantar was. serrrrrius.

  25. Great video man! I use organic hemp whick (you can use a candle too) and I put the flame directly on the wart. Ya feel the wart burning inside. Efficient as fuck. The bigger the wart the longer you hold the flame. You let it puss out and harden for a day then you cut it up and soak it in alcohol once your done. Cover it up with duck tape or a bandaid afterwards and you’re good to go bro. You can get rid of it in one shot if you commit. If you think it needs more flame, it does. peace on earth!

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